This artist spent $9,000 and built the dome-shaped residence in a month and a half… Here is what it looks like from inside!

A completely normal desire to possess your own roof can inspire an unexpected design undertaking. A musician was given a plot of land on a friend’s farm, and in just six weeks, the musician managed to construct a distinctive dome-shaped house that quickly became a site adornment and recognizable landmark.

Young artist and photographer Steve Areen frequently travels the globe and has made a lot of friends. He visited Hajjar Gibran, whose writing he has long admired, during his subsequent trip to Thailand.

Steve shared his desire to own a little eco-house far from civilization during a casual conversation about future plans. In order to fulfill their friend’s long-held ambition, Hajaru and his wife decided to give him a plot of land in a mango grove at that precise moment.

This was the start of the unusual construction of a miracle house, as the authors of Novate.Ru learned. It was decided to create a domed house, which they even invented under the name by Earthen Dome Home, because the young man had very limited time and needed time to complete everything as quickly as possible and with the least amount of financial charges.

One of the most energy-efficient architectural and construction designs is the dome house, which is a building made to resemble a hemisphere. The method is built on polyhedrons, which produce a dome-shaped space inside the building. Outside, this kind of construction is well-resistant to loads induced by bad weather and natural calamities.

Steve provided him a brief study course, and soon he was able to accomplish it himself because a friend’s cousin had the skill of making clay blocks that were then placed down in the shape of a dome. despite all the complexities and complexities of such an eco-construction. The majority of the building supplies were also nearby, near his future cabin and under his feet.

In addition to lowering building costs, using natural materials like wood, stones, bamboo, clay, dry grass, and other elements allowed for the preservation of the home’s natural aesthetic and mood.

It took another three weeks to thoroughly finish decorating the interior and the beautiful cottage’s original facade. Steve only invested $9,000 in these modifications. considering a lot of the resources were completely free.

After construction was complete, the young man was so impressed by the innovative technology used to build an eco-house that he will undoubtedly use this special experience to develop more quickly, affordably, and aesthetically pleasing housing made of materials with better thermal performance in the future. insulating qualities that allow people to live comfortably in colder climates.

Then, his friend started a company making pressed earth bricks for eco-house construction, using Steve’s home as a model (while he was away, of course!).

As experience demonstrates, you don’t need a lot of money to start living out your ambition. The next ten unique homes will make it crystal clear how you may create wonderful constructions that serve as true family homes rather than just a roof over your head for a small amount of money.

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