You Won’t Believe What Happened When a 4-Year-Old Called a Stranger “Old Person” in a Store!


These days, we often forget about the elderly, and many of them wind up living alone and lonely. However, just because someone is old does not imply that they are devoid of sentiments or thoughts.

In fact, they may require friendship and love much more than before.

That is why we wanted to share the story we discovered online. Norah, a four-year-old kid, said something remarkable to a stranger in a grocery store. It affected both of their lives forever.

This is Tara Wood. She’s a mother of seven. When her daughter Norah turned four, they shared a wonderful time together. Tara was so moved by it that she shared the tale online, which rapidly went viral.

Source: Facebook

Something remarkable happened on the day before my daughter Norah turned four.

After picking daughter up from preschool, she noticed an older person walking slowly across the parking lot. She stated she preferred elderly people because they walk slowly and have delicate skin like hers. She then stated something sad: “They’re all going to die soon, so I’m going to love ’em all up before they’re gone.”

It was a little odd and dark toward the end, but I could tell where her heart was.

I was astounded by her compassion and understanding. When we arrived home, I shared what she had stated on Facebook. I had no idea how deeply it would move people.

Source: Facebook

“The next day, her birthday, on the way home from school, she asked if we might stop at the grocery store to get celebratory cupcakes for her and her six siblings after dinner.

“How do you say ‘No’ to the birthday girl?”

Source: Facebook

I put Norah and her younger sister into one of those large grocery carts that were like a car and drove to the bakery. After we had the cupcakes, I went to a shelf with reduced products. When Norah spoke, I was looking at stuff like Ranch dressing and Ensure.

She stood up in the cart, waving and exclaiming, “Hi, old person!” It is my birthday today!

The man she was speaking with was ancient and serious-looking. I was frightened she had insulted him, but he seemed unconcerned. He grinned and asked, “Well, hello, little lady! And how old are you today?”

They talked for a moment, he wished her a happy birthday, and then we parted ways.

Source: Facebook

A few minutes later, Norah approached me and asked if she could take a photo with the old man for her birthday. It was so cute! I wasn’t sure if he’d say yes, but I suggested we ask.
We found the man a few aisles over and asked him to take a photo with Norah for her birthday. He seemed bewildered at first, then surprised, and finally happy.

He steadied himself and inquired, “A photo? “With me?”

“Yes, sir, for my birthday!” Norah said.

So we took a photo. Norah softly gripped his hand, and he stared at her with glittering eyes. She kissed his hand, then placed it on her cheek. He smiled. His name was Dan.

We were in the way of other shoppers, yet no one cared. It seemed as if something wonderful was happening. Norah and Mr. Dan spoke as if they had known one other for years.

Source: Facebook

After a few minutes, I thanked Mr. Dan for his time with us. He became sad and said, “No, thank YOU.” Today has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. You’ve made me very happy, Miss Norah.
They hugged again, and we departed. Norah watched him till he was out of sight.

I was deeply moved by their meeting. I thought folks on my Facebook page might be interested in hearing about it, so I published the tale along with a photo of them together.

Source: Facebook

That night, I received a message from someone who knew Mr. Dan.

His wife, Mary, died a few months ago, and he has been feeling really lonely. She stated meeting Norah meant a lot to him and probably changed his life.

I asked for Mr. Dan’s phone number and called him several days later.

Source: Facebook

We went to Mr. Dan’s neat and inviting house. Pictures of his late wife, Mary, were everywhere. He looked different: he had a haircut, shaved, and dressed nicely. He appeared younger. He prepared a little table for Norah with paper and crayons. He asked her to draw pictures for him to display on his refrigerator. She eagerly accepted and began drawing.

We stayed with Mr. Dan for over three hours. He was patient and gentle to Norah, even when she spoke and moved about a lot. He even helped her clean up the ketchup on her cheek and allowed her to finish his chicken nuggets.

Source: Facebook

Following lunch, we walked Mr. Dan to his front door. He took out a pocket knife and cut a single red rose growing near his porch. He spent fifteen minutes painstakingly removing each thorn from the stem before handing it to Norah. She keeps the dried rose in a Ziploc bag under her pillow.

Norah inquires about Mr. Dan every day. She’s concerned about him, wondering if he’s lonely, cold, or has enough food. She wants him to feel safe and cherished.

Mr. Dan also thinks about Norah. After a recent visit, he told me that he had not slept well since his wife died. But since meeting Norah, he has been sleeping better. He stated, ‘Norah has healed me.’

His words had me stunned and made my cheeks moist with tears.

Source: Facebook

Norah and Mr. Dan are vastly different ages. But it’s as if their hearts recognize each other.

Norah and I vowed to see Mr. Dan every week, even if just for a short period. We’ve even invited him to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. He has become a part of our family.

Talking to strangers can occasionally result in fantastic new friendships. It’s worth trying.

This story is both motivating and touching. It serves as a reminder to pay attention to others and engage in conversation. Share it with your loved ones. You never know what a conversation with a stranger can bring!

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