In Liverpool, Taylor Swift shot a music video with “Batman” as its inspiration


Following her three nights in a row in Arlington, Texas, Taylor Swift took an 11-day break from her Eras Tour schedule. Taylor must be in violation of a labor law by working as much as she already does, so we can only assume that this was mandated time off that a lawyer forced Taylor to implement.

If reports of her breakup with Joe Alwyn are true, Taylor has started her short vacation fresh after seven nights of putting on her objectively grueling performance (it lasts about three hours and 15 minutes, which is a grueling time by almost anything to do, let alone do almost anything for an audience) Era’s touring set list *and* ending a six-year relationship. Oh, and some of what that relationship inspired

A) Immediately fall into an 11-day coma.

B) Spend time relaxing with family and friends, journaling, and listening to Taylor Swift’s breakup songs on repeat (no judgment—we literally all do it, why wouldn’t she?).

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C) Book a family vacation for you, Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin to communicate/explain that although Mom and Dad are no longer together they are all still loved as much as before.

D) Fly across the damn Atlantic to squeeze in more work instantly

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