This Flash Mob Took Over And Ransacked A 7-11 In This Liberal City, And They… [VIDEO]

It seems that the crime in Los Angeles, Commie California is getting worse by the day.

A shocking surveillance video released by the Los Angeles Police Department shows the moment when a flash mob of looters robbed and damaged a 7-Eleven store during a “street takeover” on Monday. Street takeovers are when groups of motorists block off traffic so drivers can do donuts in an intersection.

Here’s what the LAPD said in a statement:

“The suspects are facing multiple charges to include grand theft, looting, and vandalism. We are seeking the public’s help in identifying persons observed on video committing these acts.”

The video shows one group jumping behind the counter and throwing items to other people in the store. Others can be seen grabbing armfuls of items on the shelves.

As of the moment, there are no arrests have been made in connection with the robbery.

More details of this report from ‘NBC Los Angeles’:

The large crowd gathered for the street takeover on Monday night in the Harbor Gateway area swarmed the store at the corner of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard in a frenzy of looting and vandalism.

Security camera video showed the large crowd gathering outside the store. Inside, the situation quickly turned into mayhem when dozens of people emptied shelves, threw snacks and beverages, and left with merchandise. Police described the scene as ‘flash mob’ looting.

At least two people jumped over the front counter and threw items to the others in the crowd. A store employee, decisively outnumbered, hid in a back room of the store fearing for his life, police said.

“We really want to prevent this from becoming a new trend where they think they show up and take over a street or a freeway or any part of the city, that they’re just going to be able to do whatever they want,” said LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno.

Watch the shocking video below:

Under the watch of Marxist District Attorney George Gascón, crime has skyrocketed in Los Angeles, ‘The Gateway Pundit’ reported.

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón dodged recall efforts after Los Angeles County banned observers from monitoring the recall vote count.

Observers were not allowed to monitor the vote counting in the effort to recall George Gascón.

On Monday the Los Angeles County registrar announced that the recall efforts failed because not enough *valid* signatures were collected.

According to the LA County Registrar, 520,050 signatures were valid and 195,783 were not valid.

Recall, George Gascón announced radical policy changes shortly after he was elected in late 2020:

  1. End cash bail by January 2021
  2. Conviction integrity unit
  3. No death penalty
  4. Felony charging no longer seeking enhancements i.e. gang affiliation
  5. Juveniles will not be tried as adults
  6. Use-of-force review board to reopen fatal officer-involved shooting cases going back to 2012!

Gascón was previously the DA of San Francisco and absolutely turned that place into a hellhole.

Now, Gascón will stay, meaning more videos like the looting above are likely to surface. Commie California is leaving its streets to criminals who know full well that they will not be prosecuted as severely as they would in any other state.

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