The National Recording Registry now includes Daddy Yankee, Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey, and Madonna.


The National Recording Registry will preserve 25 recordings, including songs by Madonna (“Like a Virgin”), Mariah Carey (“All I Want for Christmas Is You”), Queen Latifah (“All Hail the Queen”), and Daddy Yankee (“Gasolina”). According to the registry, “audio treasures” that are significant in terms of culture, history, or aesthetic value are included.

The responsibility of preserving and making the recordings accessible to future generations rests with the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center. See the complete list below.

The genre’s mainstream moment was ignited by Daddy Yankee’s explosive reggaetón song “Gasolina,” a sign that Puerto Rico could no longer contain the contagious—if unfairly maligned—dance music. Carey’s Christmas anthem debuted to modest success upon release, but it has since established itself as a staple of the holiday season, peaking at No. 1 for the past four Christmases.

The debut album of Queen Latifah, who was only 19 years old when it was released, made her the first female rapper to be added to the registry. And much of Madonna’s most enduring iconography can be attributed to her classic 1983 sophomore album, which was produced with Nile Rodgers’ assistance. Nearly half of its nine tracks also reached the top 10 on the singles chart.

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