Jason Momoa and John Cena Team Up for Warner Bros.’ “Killer Vacation”


John Cena and Jason Momoa will star in the boisterous new action comedy Killer Vacation, so make sure to pack some protein powder.

The bulky actors were enlisted by Warner Bros. for the feature film, the specifics of whose plot are currently unknown (though we can only assume it involves a vacation gone wrong). According to sources, the pair got together on the set of the upcoming Fast and the Furious franchise finale and wanted to incorporate their on-screen chemistry into another movie.

People with knowledge of the project compared it to exciting, hot adventures like True Lies. The Killer is being produced by John Rickard and Peter Safran, and Mark and Brian Gunn wrote the script for it. The movie was prepared and packaged for the studio.

Momoa is of course a key ingredient in all things DC, having appeared in several films as Aquaman. He will reprise his role as the King of Atlantis in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Momoa also recently starred in another Warner Bros. release, Dune. Safran is a producer on Aquaman.

Cena has appeared on The Suicide Squad and its HBO Max spinoff Peacemaker (his skimpy-white dance sequence was a highlight of that TV season or any other). Safran and Gunn have been intimately involved in all things Peacemaker, with Gunn creating the character for Cena and then conceptualizing the spin-off. Cena next stars in Freelance, an upcoming American action comedy film directed by Taken Pierre Morel.

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