Colin Farrell takes on the city of Gotham


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The Penguin, a forthcoming series on HBO starring Colin Farell as the legendary Batman villain, has debuted its first trailer. As Gotham continues to recover from the mysterious events depicted in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the series will examine the Penguin’s ascent to power in the city.

Within The Batman

The crime lord who oversaw Gotham’s criminal underworld, Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), employed Farrell’s Penguin as his right-hand man. But because Falcone perishes in the movie, the penguin is prepared to play the most brutal gangster in town. In recent HBO Max footage, the penguin can be seen thinking about how The Riddler’s mess came to be.

How works The Penguin Fit in the new DCU?

Even though the new co-heads of DC Studios, James Gunn And Peter Saffron, working on a storyline that will spread to movies, television, and even games, Reeves’ Gotham will remain its own thing. Thanks to the Elseworlds strategy, Gunn and Safran will allow successful filmmakers to create their own stories featuring DC characters that work independently of the main coherent timeline.

Since 2022 The Batman A huge hit at the box office, Warner Bros. Discovery will want to keep Reeves around for as long as possible. Because of this, the company negotiated a multi-year deal with Reeves while they also discussed Gunn and Safran’s unified DCU plan. As a result, Reeves continues to work The Penguin and other spinoff series that will expand his vision for Gotham City. As for Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, the hero is set to hit theaters again The Batman: Part II and an untitled third chapter in a film trilogy.

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