‘I feel like my heart is breaking.’ Horrific vehicle accident claimed the life of reality TV celebrity


His heartbroken girlfriend tells him that a drag racer who was on a popular reality TV show died in a horrifying car accident.

Nathan Schaldach, who plays Cali Nate on the Discovery series Street Outlaws, crashed on a Saturday night in southwest Texas.

His girlfriend, Courtney Paulshock, announced his death in a heartbreaking Facebook message, calling him her “soul mate.”

“I’m not complete.” She wrote, “I’m completely shocked,” on Sunday.

“My heart feels like it’s breaking.”

This happened while Schaldach was racing near Eagle Pass, about two hours west of San Antonio, according to Paulshock.

His buddies helped him get to the hospital, but they were unable to save his life.

Paulshock said she couldn’t say what caused the Schaldach crash or what happened before.

“Seeing his mom and sister again made him so happy,” his girlfriend remarked.

“He followed his passions outside.”

“It was a true blessing to know the kind of love that Nathan gave me and showed me every day.”

The television show Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, which followed eight drag racing teams as they competed for a $100,000 prize, included Schaldach in its fourth season.

His season came to an end in May last year.

The original Street Outlaws, which featured insane street racers risking their lives to compete, served as the inspiration for the current program.

Two cars compete in drag racing on a short, straight course in an attempt to cross the finish line.

Professional sports are normally safe, but street racing is so lethal that most countries have forbidden it.

In 2022, while filming Street Outlaws, Ryan Fellows, an actor on the show, died in a car accident. After that, Schaldach passed away.

During a race in Las Vegas, the driver’s car overturned and caught fire. A representative for Discovery claimed that the network was distraught by the loss.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Texas police to learn more about Nate’s collision.

“Don’t ever fall in love again.”
Following his untimely death, Schaldach’s friends and admirers shared their sadness and condolences online.

Schaldach’s friend, Chris Frank, stated that he hardly slept at all following the terrible news.

Frank said, “Those of you who raced him feared him, and those of you who were friends with him loved him,” in a Facebook video.

Every race has hazards, and we all know that any ride may be our last.

“Nate was among the last true racers who truly understood and loved the sport.”

Paulshock sent Schaldach a parting note in which he made a heartbreaking vow that she would always love him.

He emailed his lover, saying, “Garth told me to tell you I love you very much, just in case tomorrow never comes.” This was the driver’s last race ever.

Paulshock captioned a screenshot of the text exchange with the words, “Please wake me up from this nightmare.”

Later that day, she also shared the Lady Gaga song “I’ll Never Love Again” from the movie A Star Is Born.

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