CONFESSION: Hillary Believed Trump and the Russians “Would Poison Her Through a Handshake”

It was intentional.

When Hillary Clinton refused to shake President Trump’s hands during the 2nd presidential debate, she did so on purpose.

Apparently, Hillary was so paranoid that Trump was working with the Russians, that she was convinced he would poison her via a handshake.

Watch the moment they skipped the ceremonial pre-debate handshake:

This clearly was not President Trump’s fault.

It was Hillary’s fault.

It’s no secret that Democrats don’t think highly of conservatives.

They’ve called us “deplorable” and “ultra MAGA.”

But now… it’s clear that they truly think of us as an “evil enemy.”

In what world do you have to be living in to believe that President Trump would have poisoned you via a handshake on live TV?!

Hillary, the Paranoid!

Maybe all the rumors of a “Clinton body count” have gotten to Hillary’s head.

If you think about murder all the time, then perhaps it’s normal to think about how you might get murdered.

Townhall confirms the new, astonishing details:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not as tough as she wants the world to believe. When it comes to former President Trump, she trembles with fear remembering the time he beat her in a landslide during the 2016 election.

A new book details just how terrified Clinton was of Trump.

Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign staffers were so paranoid they thought the Russians would poison her through a handshake with Trump during the third debate.

Titled Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America by the New York Times, Clinton believed that Trump was in cahoots with the Russians, planning a secret plot to poison her via a handshake.

“Democrats found themselves almost perpetually disoriented by autumn. During preparations for the third debate, Clinton’s team was disrupted by a warning from the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein, who said he had been told that Russians might try to poison Clinton through a handshake with Trump, to inflict a dramatic health episode during the debate,” author Maggie Haberman wrote.

The alleged threat came from Richard Blum, the wealthy husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, claiming that the Russians wanted Clinton poisoned so that it would “inflict a dramatic health episode during the debate.”

Although Clinton did not take the warning “seriously,” Ron Klain, now President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, “wondered how Trump would poison Clinton but not himself.”

If Clinton did not take the warning seriously, then why did she refuse to shake Trump’s hand during the second debate?

She clearly was afraid of nothing!

After over half a decade of investigations, there’s still no evidence at all tying President Trump to the Russians.

Yet that didn’t stop the establishment from spreading false stories about 45.

The Intelligencer confirms:

Haberman is considered one of the country’s foremost Trump chroniclers, and she interviewed the former president three times for this book (which did not stop him from calling it a “fake book” with “many made up stories” on Truth Social). Yet despite her proven talent for getting huge Trump scoops, the reports on Confidence Man’s revelations so far feel less like bombshells and more like laundry lists of erratic presidential behavior.


The Trump allegation at the center of this anecdote isn’t true, but the fact that members of the Clinton team thought it could be is pretty juicy gossip. Per the Post:

“During preparations for the third debate in 2016, Hillary Clinton’s team was disrupted by a warning from the husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who said he had been told that Russians might try to poison Clinton through a handshake with Trump, to inflict a dramatic health episode during the debate,” Haberman reports.

She says Clinton did not take it seriously, and now–White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who was helping with debate prep, questioned whether Trump could poison Clinton but not himself. “Her communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, took the prospect seriously enough to check it out; the warning turned out to be mere speculation from a historian with no knowledge of Russian plans,” she says.

Why aren’t there investigations into who started this fake news?

This is clearly a debunked lie.

Yet… don’t expect the Democrats and their allies in social media to begin cracking down on fake stories against President Trump.

If anything, we can expect the censorship to get even worse the closer 2024 becomes.

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