Ruth Carter, Michelle Yeoh, and Indian filmmakers receive first-ever Oscar nominations


At the 2023 Oscars, M.M. Keeravani and Chandrabose, two Indian musicians, Ruth Carter, Michelle Yeoh, and others made history.

Yeoh, the actress of Asian heritage who won the Best Actress Oscar for Everything Everywhere All at Once was the first to do so.

Yeoh said in the media room behind the scenes, “I truly have to thank the Academy. “for embracing diversity and providing accurate portrayal. We have been working extremely hard on this for a very long time, and tonight we frigging cracked that glass ceiling, in my opinion “To applause, she said.Said she, “We need this because so many people, not only in the Asian community but for anyone who has been classified as a minority, have felt invisible and unheard. We deserve to have a seat at the table, which requires that we be heard, seen, and heard. That is all we are requesting. Give us the chance to do that. Let’s demonstrate our worth.”

The Malaysian actress has been acting in movies for more than four decades, making her début in Hollywood as a Chinese spy in the Bond blockbuster Tomorrow Never Dies. She is particularly well-known for her work in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which won the 2001 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and more recently in Crazy Rich Asians.

Yeoh, 60, a winner along with Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, the Best Supporting Actress winner for the film, said in her acceptance speech, “And ladies don’t let anybody tell you you are ever past your prime. Never give up.”

By winning her second Oscar for Best Costume Design for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Ruth Carter became the first Black woman to win multiple Oscars in any category. Carter received a standing ovation when accepting her trophy, sharing that her mother, Mable Carter, who was 101, died last week.

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