Mama Believes Her Baby Is Safe and Sound At Daycare. Then She Sees a Pic Of Her Asleep In THIS Crib.

Having a baby is probably the most life changing event in a person’s life. You go from just taking care of yourself all day everyday, to now taking care of a new little human at all times. Trying to juggle everything in life such a job, going on a date with your husband or wife, a nice hike in the woods, or seeing your friends, all becoming harder and harder to accomplish because of your new huge responsibility.

At times it can become very overwhelming and parents can easily become exhausted, run down and burned out. This is where grandparents, a nanny, a baby sitter or daycare come into play. This gives parents a well deserved breather and a time to rest and recover from the hardest job in the world parenthood! Parents will spend exorbitant amounts of money on nannys, babysitters and daycare so they expect that the people caring for their children will do a wonderful and amazing job.

This isn’t always the case which leaves many parents, to stress out and be anxious while their baby is under the care of another individual! This brings us to today’s story which took place in April of last year. A couple from Kansas sent their 6-month old baby Elora off to daycare. They were paying a good amount of money and the place had a reputation for being great and had all good reviews.

One morning a call came in from the Kansas Department for Children and Families. This department makes sure that children are not being neglected and treated properly. During this surprise phone call they were told that the department received a very alarming picture of their innocent little baby Elora.

The representive from Kansas Department for Children and Families explained to them that they received a very unnerving picture of baby Elora wearing a sleep mask, she was turned face down and wrapped way too tight in something that resembled a sack or bag.

At first Elora’s parents were just completely stunned and couldn’t even fathom that this could be their infant. This had to be some kind of mistake! How could this be true? Was it really their sweet baby girl Elora? After the initial surprise wore off they realized it was indeed their daughter!

Her parents obviously fearing the worst went into full panic mode, because Elora had been attending this place since she was only 5-weeks old! Luckily for them, a good samaritan employee who worked at the place realized what horrible things were taking place!

They snapped pictures and sent them out to the proper authorities! Elora wasn’t the only baby being mistreated, there were also other babies being horribly treated at this daycare. Mom got on social media and told everyone about her story and experience to help raise awareness about keeping your children safe!

This is a good lesson to parents everywhere, that no matter what, if it’s a nanny, babysitter or a daycare they must always remain vigilant and trust their gut. If something seems off there is a good chance it is! Always follow your instincts and keep your children safe!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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