Apparently THIS Is What Happens To Your Body When You Hold Your Pee. THIS Is Scary!

Going to the bathroom is something we all do every single day of our lives. It’s normal, healthy, and gives our bodies a sense of relief. From an early age we often hear from our doctors and mothers that when the urge to pee strikes, it’s best to head to the toilette as soon as possible to empty your bladder and if you don’t, it’s bad for you.

In a sense they are correct, but you never hear why it’s bad or what it could lead to, and the explanation and accompanying video will tell you why. Generally speaking, it’s only bad for your body when you hold in pee for a really long time and do it often. An adult bladder, on average, can hold up to about 2 cups of urine before the urge to relieve oneself kicks in.

Our bodies tell us when it’s time to go by measuring how full our bladders are with tiny receptors that line the inside wall of it. They send a message to the brain that signals it’s at or near capacity and soon after you should head to the toilette.

If you’re not near one or choose to hold it in, your bladder will remain closed off from the urethra with the help of cylindrical sphincters that keep it from leaking. That is what keeps us from peeing in our pants when our bladders are full.

However, for those who hold their pee in frequently for long periods of time, this can result in several health issues that often appear with age. One such problem is urinary retention, or not being able to completely empty your bladder.

When you constantly hold urine in your bladder muscles weaken and as you get older this can cause urinary retention. In addition, you place yourself at an increased risk of infection when you hold in a lot of urine because your bladder can become an ideal place for bacteria to grow and multiply.

This greatly heightens your risk of getting a urinary tract or bladder infection, both of which are very uncomfortable. On the extreme end of the spectrum, if you hold your pee in for even longer and your bladder is already damaged, it could end up bursting.

This is extremely rare but it has been documented throughout history. In those cases, people who held in their urine way past the point that their bodies told them to go, ended up dying from a burst bladder. It’s a terrible way to die and can easily be avoided by going to the bathroom when your body tells you to.

Now you know why your mother was always right that you shouldn’t try to hold in your pee and what can happen if you. In the end, it’s always best to go to the bathroom when you feel the urge to do so. Your body will be less stressed, you’ll feel better, and the odds of having to wear adult diapers later in life will be greatly reduced.

Watch the video below for more important information!

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