Don McLean’s Vincent Martin 00-21 acoustic guitar will be sold at auction.


Don McLean’s Vincent, one of his biggest hits, was written on an acoustic guitar. Now it’s up for auction.On the singer-songwriter’s most successful album, American Pie, the guitar was also used to record a number of other songs.

The guitar in question, a 1969 Martin 00-21, was also used to record a number of other songs for McLean’s most successful album, American Pie, which debuted at the top of the charts in 1971. These songs included Till Tomorrow, Winterwood, Empty Chairs, Sister Fatima, and The Grave.Julien’s Auctions (opens in new tab) will be the auction house where it will be sold.

In response to your subsequent inquiry, this is not McLean’s guitar used in “American Pie.””According to Julien (opens in new tab), that distinction belongs to one of the artist’s similarly adored Martin D-28s,” the artist wrote.

According to Julien’s reports (opens in new tab), McLean bought two Martin 00-21s in 1969.He added Schaller tuners to the one going up for auction and quickly sold the other one.

The guitar is described as being in “good condition with scrapes and scratches and signs of a re-glued bridge” and features a solid top made of spruce, rosewood for the back, sides, and bridge.”It also has the same Schaller strip tuners, a 12-fret mahogany neck with dot inlays on the rosewood fingerboard, and a slotted headstock.

The original faux snakeskin hard case and pages from McLean’s 2012 autobiography American Troubadour featuring him playing the instrument will be included with the 00-21.

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On Julien’s (opens in new tab), McLean’s Vincent handwritten and annotated working lyrics are also up for auction at the same time.

From November 11 to November 13, Don McLean’s Vincent Martin 00-21 and a wide range of other items from his personal collection will be available for purchase both online and at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. The guitar’s estimated value, on the other hand, ranges from $200,000 to $400,000.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the guitar and other items in McLean’s collection will go to the Don McLean Foundation, which provides assistance to underserved college students, homeless shelters, and food banks throughout the state of Maine as well as the nation, and Kicking The Stigma, the national campaign launched by Indianapolis Colts CEO Jim Irsay to dispel the stigma associated with mental health issues and increase awareness of the subject.

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