More regions and new games are added to Google Play Games for PC


Google expanded its Google Play Games PC Beta to the US towards the end of 2022, and we were pretty dang pleased about it. We can’t wait to use the enjoyable possibility of playing some of our favorite Android and Google Play games on PC (once it moves beyond being Windows-only).

Google today announced increased region support over the coming few months “to Japan and countries in Europe” at the Google for Games Developer Conference. Also, Google intends to include new games including Garena Free Fire, Ludo King, and MapleStory M.Google is urging game makers that they may do this, that they should bring their games over, in addition to the new areas and games. They are collaborating with Intel to make it simpler for developers to port games from mobile to PC. Moreover, cross-platform marketing and promotion are part of that cooperation. Google is providing you plenty of excuses to include PC compatibility in your releases if you currently produce games for Android.

Finally, Google revealed the following information regarding Play Games PC in development-related news:

The brand-new Google Play Games PC emulator is now available.

Before submitting a game, developers can use a new release checklist to confirm that all prerequisites have been met in order to guarantee a speedy approval.

For non-developers, here’s to hoping the support doesn’t slow from Google, so that we can all add Google Play Games PC to our gaming rotations. For developers, watch this YouTube playlists on today’s news and then get after it.

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