Electronics companies rely on offline retailers to increase sales


In NEW DELHI: Electronics companies are expanding their retail operations in 2023 even though e-commerce overtook offline retail in terms of the number of smartphones sold in India in 2022. Industry experts claim that because there has been a decline in the market for electronic products, businesses have shifted their attention to premium devices. Because consumers want to touch and feel products before making purchases, this has resulted in a greater need for offline presence.

For instance, to display its high-end electronics products, Samsung of South Korea erected its largest experience shop in north India in New Delhi last month. At the Samsung Opera House shop in Bangalore, new gaming and smart home experience zones have also been launched.

In the meantime, earlier this month, the PC manufacturer HP built eight gaming shops in seven Indian cities.

We also hope to improve brand recognition among gamers by opening these locations, which will increase our retail footprint in India “the head of personal systems (Consumer) at HP India, Nitish Singal.

Several companies like OnePlus, Asus, and Realme also intend to increase their emphasis on offline, experience-driven stores this year. The opening of Apple’s flagship stores is also anticipated for the first part of this year.

“In 2023, we plan to open shops that are convenient for clients and have strong traffic counts. By providing a variety of goods and an easy shopping experience, we think we can meet the growing need for retail services in both urban and suburban areas “Arnold Su, director of business, consumer and

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