Hidden Camera Catches The A/C Repairman Doing THIS In Her Bedroom. Then He Says The Unthinkable. WOW!

In the video we see two scoundrels in the bunch who were caught red-handed by a news team from Inside Edition.

The men advertised a simple $29 A/C cleaning but after taking a closer look at the unit they told the owner that it needed serious work.

The prices jumped from $29 to over $200 from one of the men, and $700 from the other.

After the woman paid the extra money the men just stood around and pretended to work. Once enough time had passed, they went downstairs and said that they were done with the job.

Thankfully, a certified A/C repairman was watching the whole thing go down, and when he came out to accuse the men of wrongdoing, they instantly knew they were caught.

Check out the video below…

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