Steve Coogan: “Lost King” justly places a historical figure at the center of the Richard III story


Steve Coogan, the star, co-writer, and producer of The Lost King, says he wanted to give Philippa Langley, the amateur historian who discovered Richard III’s remains beneath a parking lot in Leicester in 2012, the respect and attention she was denied in real life through his new play.

“He went disappeared 500 years ago. With little knowledge of him and having little interest in Richard III “In a most recent Zoom interview, Coogan told UPI.

Yet Philippa Langley, who was featured in a documentary and who was not affiliated with any academic institution, “seemed to be at the center of things,” the speaker continued. “I was confused by the inconsistency because the official version from the University [of Leicester] didn’t reflect that.”

Coogan and scribe Stan & Ollie For the fact-based movie, which hits theaters on Friday, Jeff Pope created the screenplay.

Sally Hawkins plays Langley, a lady raising two young sons in Edinburgh while estranged from her husband John (Coogan). Langley is interested by how different the real history of Richard III was from how it is shown in William Shakespeare’s well-known stage play.

In order to identify the controversial king’s last burial place, Langley is seen quitting her work, reading everything she can about him, and making contact with local politicians, historians, and archaeologists.

Langley, certain she has located the body, raises the majority of the funds required for the exhumation.

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