Reese Witherspoon Still Has Her Wedding Dress from “Sweet Home Alabama”


Reese Witherspoon still keeps a sentimental item from one of her favorite films. The “Your Place or Mine” star reminisced about some of her classic romantic comedies while appearing on “The Drew Barrymore Show” on February 14. She also revealed that she still had her wedding gown from “Sweet Home Alabama” in her possession.

When Witherspoon’s Melanie left Patrick Dempsey’s Andrew at the altar to be with Josh Lucas’ Jake at the conclusion of the 2002 movie, she was dressed in a fitted, cap-sleeve bridal gown with a birdcage veil. The gown, which was made by costume designer Sophie de Rakoff, is unquestionably one of the greatest movie wedding dresses ever.

She recalled it, telling Drew Barrymore, “I remember that moment we shot in the rain, and I’m in the wedding dress, and I run away from my wedding, and I run to meet Josh Lucas on the beach. I still have the wedding dress, even though it was pouring rain at the time. I recall thinking, “This is such a crazy, fantastic event I’m going to remember this forever.”

Witherspoon has a history of stealing items from her movie sets. She earlier admitted on “The Graham Norton Show” that she took Elle Woods’ whole wardrobe from “Legally Blonde 2” with her as per the terms of her contract for the film. In the 2019 film, she stated, “I received all my wardrobe – like, all of it.”

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