Video Game “The Last of Us”: Part 2’s Tragedy Might Tease What to Expect From the Show


Fans of the renowned survival horror game eagerly anticipated “The Last of Us” before it debuted in January, wondering if it would fall into the same trap that so many video-game adaptations did by not staying true to its source material.

The Last of Us: Part I game sales have risen, and the HBO series has already been renewed for a second season, despite the fact that the show clearly took some artistic license. Instead, aficionados of the games and novices to the franchise have been impressed.The second season of “The Last of Us” might cover the events of “The Last of Us: Part II,” as the first season follows the story from the first game. So check out what happens in the “The Last of Us: Part II” game to get a sense of what may happen in HBO’s “The Last of Us” season two.

A Tragic Shift in Perspective

When it was released, “The Last of Us: Part II” was a huge hit. Like its predecessor in 2013, it won Game of the Year in 2020. Ellie, the main character, is a lesbian, and it has been praised for its progressive nature by providing a lot of diversity that the game industry still prefers to avoid. Having stated that.

In “The Last of Us,” players played Joel, a middle-aged man who gets stuck escorting Ellie across the country but eventually comes to see her as a daughter (he’s portrayed by the incredible Pedro Pascal in the TV series). There’s a limited portion of the game where players play the 14-year-old Ellie and a DLC that features her as the playable character.

Considering Joel’s beloved in the fandom, fans expected to play Joel again in “Part II,” not the plot that the creator, Naughty Dog, went with. Ultimately, players only get to play Joel for a short time at the beginning of the game, at which point Joel confesses to his brother, Tommy, that he saved Ellie from the Fireflies who wanted to kill her for a potential cure. After the opening prologue, players are tossed into a now-adult Ellie’s point of view.

Within the first few hours of the nearly 24-hour-long game, Joel dies in a brutal and bloody fashion. This decision was divisive among fans. The initial shock of Joel’s death came out of nowhere, leaving many fans angry and condemning the game. Some even refused to finish the game at all.

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