Jordan Turpin a TikTok star after surviving depraved ‘House of Horrors’

Jordan Turpin, who escaped a house of horrors where she and her 12 siblings were abused, has become a TikTok star.

Jordan Turpin has more than 474,000 followers on TikTok, where the 21-year-old posts typical dance videos and her bio reads: “I love helping others! Love to dance and write songs!”

But there is nothing typical about the cheerful blonde.

She is one of 13 siblings who escaped a house of horrors where her parents David and Louise Turpin kept them locked away.

In 2018, Turpin, then a brave 17-year-old, escaped her Perris, Calif., home and made the call to authorities, who discovered that she and her siblings were starved, living in squalor and, in some cases, shackled to beds.

“I was telling them everything. We don’t go to school. We live in filth. We starve. And all the stuff,” she told Diane Sawyer in November about the fateful 911 call.

Their story of child abuse and torture horrified the public and her parents were given a life sentence behind bars.

Jordan and her sister Jennifer opened up to Diane Sawyer about their house of horrors.

But on social media, Turpin, who expressed excitement upon being verified by TikTok this week, seems to be focusing on more positive pursuits.

“Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on here really quick and say thank you so much for all the love and all the support,” she said in a video. “Whoever has followed me or watched my videos, I appreciate you so much and I love you guys so much.”

Jordan Turpin regularly posts dance videos on TikTok.

Turpin has also used it as a platform to advocate for her siblings, some of whom are still struggling, and expressed gratitude for those who have contributed to the JAYC Foundation, which was founded by Jaycee Dugard, who was abducted as a child, and helps families who have experienced crisis.

“People have been asking me do I see my siblings often, how are my siblings doing. I want to let you know, I do see my siblings very often and I love them so much. We are not in the best living situation right now but we do have a roof over our head and we have a way to get food and we are all very thankful for that,” she said.

Jordan also thanked those that had been sending her money directly through Venmo or Cash App.

“Now I can afford to give all my siblings some really good, nice gifts this year and I am so happy and thankful that I can do that,” she said adding.

“I hope some day that I can help you guys and others, just like you guys have helped me. It means so much to me.”

Jordan Turpin now has a huge social media following to help support her and her siblings.

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