Google Photos Magic Eraser Now Works on iPhones and All Pixels


Google released Magic Eraser as a standout Photos feature at the same time as the Pixel 6 in 2021. In other situations, the tool was rather bizarre to use because it allowed you to magically remove unwanted items from images. Magic Eraser gained some traction with the release of the Pixel 7 (and 6a), but the rest of the Pixel series, along with other Android devices and iPhones, were out of luck.

That has changed today! All Pixel users and Google One customers on both Android and iOS will now have access to Magic Eraser. Friends, it’s time to clean up some mess.

More specifically, anyone with a Google One subscription can use Magic Eraser (both Android and iPhones). 

Use Magic Eraser on iOS and Android.

If you’re interested in using the Magic Eraser tool, visit Google Photos and then look for the picture you wish to modify. When you tap on the image, look for the Tools menu item. If you have access to Magic Eraser in Tools, you can use it to fill your time.

When you use Magic Eraser on a photo after having it, Google Photos examines the image to see if there are any anything you might wish to delete. You can “delete all” or manually erase any suggestions if there are any. If you’d prefer not remove offensive objects or colors, there is also a camouflage mode that tries to hide their presence.Magic Eraser expanding isn’t all that Photos is introducing today. Here are a few other items to look forward to:

HDR effect for video: Also rolling out today, an HDR effect in videos will attempt to balance darkness and light in foregrounds and backgrounds, just like you might see from HDR in a photo. This is available to Google One users and also to Pixel owners.

New Collage editor designs: Remember the collage editor that adds styles to photo collages? Google is making this styling available to single photos and also rolling out another range of styles to choose from.

Free shipping on print orders: Google One members now get free shipping on print store orders in the US, Canada, the European Union, and the UK.

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