The Hottest Movies of All Time Will Spice Up Your Life


In our humble view, much like dramas, comedies, and thrillers, erotic movies ought to have their own genre. Unsurprisingly, when a movie receives an 18 classification, it’s usually a very decent sign that some bawdy content will be there. And when we refer to “sexy movies,” we don’t just mean those with lots of eye candy or sappy, delicate rom-coms. No, we’re talking about raunchy movies that you might even blush while watching alone and that you would be ashamed to watch with your parents.

Nevertheless, let’s be honest: Sex isn’t the only aspect of sexiness. Sexy tales are rife with passion since, on occasion, the most seductive action a person can take is to declare their love for you or demonstrate how much you mean to them. Tell us if you didn’t get all worked up when your spouse went out of their way to compliment you and hold you up like the princess that you are. Wow, that’s some sexy material!

But of course we love a steamy, sexy movie just as much as you do. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest movies of all time — from raunchy flicks to passionate love stories — and it goes without saying that a lot of these are strictly NSFW. See the sexiest movies of all time ahead.

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