Speeding car with over 100 mph crashes in illegal racing, two people are killed and one critically injured

Underground car meeting ends up fatal as Chevrolet Camaro crashes with over 100 mph in illegal racing. The incident happened late Sunday evening.

The incident happened before 10 p.m. along Highway 290 near West Little York.

A video of the incident appeared on the social media and the driver is now facing criminal charges.

Hundreds of people were on the sidewalk taking pictures and videos while others were showing off their tuned cars. According to the video, the speeding Chevrolet Camaro crashed into another vehicle, Chevrolet Malibu.

Due to the heavy impact, the Chevrolet Malibu went straight to the crowd.

One man died on the scene, while two others were heavily injured. Both of them were taken into hospital for treatment, unfortunately, one of them died shortly after.

According to the officials, at least five more people were injured but treated on the scene. As of now, there are no available information for their condition.

Andrew Mock, 22-year-old, was the driver of the Camaro. Allegedly, he told the crowd he will do a ‘fly by’ minutes before the accident.

The impact was so severe, Mock’s Camaro briefly went airborne, witnesses said.

More details are expected in the upcoming hours.

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