Father Had a Weird Feeling Something Wasn’t Right. He Looks At His Daughter’s IPad and Discovers The Terrifying Truth!

Worrying about your kids is one of the main things you do once you have them. Since the beginning of history this has always been the case. Parents instinctually want to keep their offspring protected and safe at all times. The problem is especially in today’s world, sneaky and suspicious trouble can be lurking around right under your nose with you even knowing it.

Now that pretty much all children have their own computer or use a family computer, the dangers of the internet are something parents need to stay on top of at all times. If they aren’t vigilant and keeping track of their child’s online activity, tragedies can easily occur! You never truly know who you are actually talking to on the other end of that chat you are in. It could be the person they claim to be or it could be a ‘cat fish’ trying to lure you into their con or trap!

Today’s story features a father named Scott Jenkins who already has his hands full with two amazing daughters! Over a pretty short period of time, Scott began to notice his older daughter’s behavior was beginning to drastically change. He couldn’t quite put a finger on what was going on and when he would ask her, like many young kids she just told him she’s fine.

One day, his parenting instincts kicked into full gear, he got ahold of his daughters iPad and began going through all her online activity. He noticed a few odd things but nothing too crazy, but then he noticed she was having an ongoing conversation with Bruce a 15 year old kid who didn’t seem weird at first. There was just something off about her conversations with him so he continued to dive deeper into her online history.

He noticed she was in a group chat with ‘friends’ that he had never heard of and she had been uploading pictures that were a bit too much for a girl of her age. As he gathered evidence and was trying to put together why she had been acting so strange lately, he realized that 4 of the guys in the chat were actually full grown men!

The rage built inside him, but he stayed calm, brought her iPad to the cyber crimes unit at the police station and then waited. Soon he got a call back from the department and they told him he had disturbing news and him and his whole family should come down to the station!

What first surfaced as just a strange parenting gut feeling would soon snowball and unravel into something Bruce could never have dreamed up…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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