20-Year-Old Nursing Student Who Was Killed Contacts Her Sister In A Dream To Inform Her About The Missing Phone

At 20-years old, Emily Clark was a very energetic and passionate nursing student at Georgia Southern University. She was loving, sweet, beautiful and caring and her relationships with her parents, Karen and Craig, and younger sister Hailey were very close and tight.

Just like so many of us, Emily enjoyed taking pictures, selfies, and videos using her iPhone. She always took photos of her family, her boyfriend, Neal, and the things she did on a daily basis.

However just when she was about to graduate from nursing school and grow her career, Emily died along with 5 other nursing students killed as a tractor-trailer slammed into their vehicle on a highway in Savannah, Georgia.

In the wake of the devastating tragedy, Emily’s family assumed her cell phone — which held all of her most recent memories — was gone forever.

One night, Emily’s sister Hailey had a dream in which Emily appeared and guided her to her lost phone’s location. Hailey woke up and told her parents she just knew the phone was still at the crash site. They said it was impossible.

Six months after Emily died, police called the Clark family with stunning news…

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