She Rescued This Abandoned Dog But The Pup’s ‘Foul’ Smell Has Her Immediately Calling The Police!

Dogs are the most loyal, protective, and loving pets you can share your home with.  They always are looking to please their owners and just want to be loved and cared for in return.  While the majority of pet owners take care of their dogs, some are downright terrible and should never be allowed to have an animal ever again.

When Kelly Benzel was searching for a new dog, she knew that she wanted to adopt one.  She was looking for a dog that could provide both her family and her other dog company and found the perfect one for sale on Facebook.  In the photos posted of him, the white pit bull mix appeared sad and somewhat neglected. His owner was asking only $50 and knowing that she could give him a better life, Kelly decided to buy him.

When Kelly went to pick the dog up, she immediately noticed how dirty he looked.  Clearly the owner she met had not bothered to ever bathe the poor thing. Even so, the dog who she had decided to name Rocco was sweet and loving from the moment she met him.

After they had left to go back to Kelly’s home, she noticed a terrible smell while in the car with Rocco.  At first, she thought maybe she’d driven through a stinky area, but when the stench persisted, she knew something was wrong and pulled over.  The foul odor was coming from Rocco, yet nothing jumped out at her as to why he smelled so bad.

As Kelly checked him over, she removed a harness that he had been wearing when she picked him up.  It was on tight and as she went to undo it Rocco cried and moved away from her. Patting his head and reassuring him, she got the harness off and that’s when she saw what was making her new dog stink.  He had a painful six inch gash on his chest that was over an inch and a half deep. The wound was clearly infected, and she knew she had to get Rocco to the vet as soon as possible.

She drove to the nearby Fond du Lac Veterinary Clinic where Rocco was given pain medication and antibiotics to help fight off the infection that had set in.  Once it was gone, he would then need to have the gash sewn closed and for now all Kelly could do was clean him up and keep him comfortable. The vet checked Rocco over to make sure he was otherwise healthy and explained that the harness had cut into his body after being left on for so long without ever having been adjusted.

Upset and angry at Rocco’s situation, Kelly called the woman who had sold him to her and told her about the injury.  The woman offered to pay for the treatment and kept trying to bribe Kelly, but she was having none of it and hung up.  The woman had known all along about the infected cut but had done nothing to help the dog out. That’s when Kelly called the police to report the animal abuse and they immediately began to investigate.

In the end, Rocco made a full recovery from his wound.  It took many trips to the vet and months to finally heal, but he came out of it stronger and more loving than ever.  Rocco’s previous owners, Amy Shaw and Daniel Eisenach, were charged with the mistreatment of animals and fined $1500.

A judge sentenced Eisenach to 30 days in jail and 2 years of probation, while Shaw got 5 days in jail, 2 years of probation, and 30 days of community service.  Neither are allowed to own or care for pets while on probation and while they did get punished more severely than most animal abusers, Kelly doesn’t think it was enough for the cruelty and pain they put Rocco through.

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