Additional “Joker Folie à Deux” Behind-the-Scenes Images Seem to Tease Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn


We’re finally learning more information about the eagerly awaited “Joker: Folie à Deux” sequel, beginning with behind-the-scenes images from the set.

On March 25, images of Lady Gaga filming sequences for the movie in New York City—she was formally confirmed as a member of the Joaquin Phoenix-led ensemble in August 2022—seemed to corroborate her rumored casting as Harley Quinn. The “Poker Face” singer was spotted in the photos sporting a much more understated outfit than Margot Robbie did when she played the role in “Birds of Prey,” “Suicide Squad,” and “The Suicide Squad,” while still staying true to the DC character’s comic-book roots. She was seen wearing a red jacket over a white and black patterned blouse and a black skirt.

Given that the scene Gaga was observed in looks to take place at Manhattan’s City Hall with a large crowd, it appears that “Joker: Folie à Deux” is now in the midst of filming. People will be clamoring for the Joker’s release after it appeared like he had been arrested at the end of the first movie, judging by the appearance of the signs carried by some of the extras.

(The movie went black before there was an arrest, although one seemed to be coming.) On March 26, further images of Gaga appeared online, seemingly hinting at another scene being filmed in front of a courthouse.

Although details regarding the “Joker” prequel are still lacking, teasers have been quietly unveiled in recent weeks. Warner Bros. revealed a first-look image of Gaga and Phoenix, who portrays the titular Joker, engulfed in a passionate embrace on Valentine’s Day, offering us a little insight of their love story.

The first hint of Lady Gaga’s involvement with the film came in June 2022. Although director Todd Phillips was evasive when asked the part the pop sensation would portray, it is very certain that she will play Harley.

When “Joker” was released in 2019, it made quite a splash, gaining 12 Oscar nominations, $1.07 billion at the global box office, Joaquin Phoenix winning the best actor prize, and Hildur Gudnadottir winning the best actress prize.

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