San Antonio woman calls Uber to drive her, breaks into a home and gets shot by homeowner

San Antonio, Texas – The San Antonio woman who called Uber to drive her to a home where she broke in, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

According to the police reports, Fabiola Martinez was convicted and sentenced after a 2019 incident when she broke into an elderly couple’s home and was shot in the ear by the homeowner.

Martinez bought a power drill, duct tape and a folding knife before taking an Uber to the victims’ home and forcing her way inside. The woman was later found in the area of the home with gunshot wound.

One of the homeowners shot Martinez in the ear trying to scare her off.

According to investigators, Martinez had information about the home where she tried to break in because some of her closest relatives worked as a house cleaners in the area and had cleaned the victims’ house previously.

Martinez previously claimed her husband made her to break in adding that he was with her during the incident. She also lied about her husband leaving the scene as soon as he heard the shots.

However, prosecutors revealed surveillance videos from the area and the shop where she bought the items. They also took Uber’s record report showing she took Uber driving her to the neighborhood.

Martinez will be eligible for a parole after serving at least ten years in prison.

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