Olivia Newton-John Diagnosed With Cancer For A Third Time, Believes She ‘Will Win’ With Cannabis Treatment

Olivia Newton-John is an incredibly strong, talented, and beautiful individual.

We best know her from starring in the hit musical Grease, for her whopping four Grammy awards, and for her admirable humanitarian efforts.

Now, this singer and actress is making headlines again as she had no choice but to cancel many of her speaking engagements after news of her new battle with cancer was released.

This is Olivia’s third time fighting this terrible disease, so while she is no stranger to the process, she has a long road of treatment ahead.

Olivia was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time back in 1992.

After she beat it the first time, she was diagnosed again in 2013 to find the cancer had spread to her shoulder.

Olivia spoke on Sunday Night on the Seven Network, an affiliate of CNN, and revealed that she had been diagnosed with a spinal tumor at the base of her back.

As a matter of fact, she had received this diagnosis back at the end of 2017 and only chose to go public with this information now.

According to Olivia, who is 69 years old, most of her cancer treatment is being done through modern medicine, but that she does use cannabis oil to help her manage her pain.

She states that she is very lucky to live in a state in the United States of America where the use of the product is legal.

She hopes that in Australia, cancer patients or any patients going through pain will be legally allowed to use this form of medication if they desire to do so.

Even though this new trial she must overcome, Olivia is not letting her challenges get her down.

She knows she can get through just about any sort of tribulation as long as she has her loving partner, John Easterling, by her side.

She speaks highly of her husband and believes that his support will help her to emerge victorious from this battle.

As a matter of fact, John goes so far as to make tinctures, especially for Olivia, since it is legal to grow cannabis in California on one’s own if it is done for medical purposes.

Being someone who is into plants and medicine, he’s only too happy to give his wife the assistance she needs.

She also admits that she has experienced some moments of grief and despair, but also adds that she recognizes that she has had an amazing career, is very privileged, lives in a wonderful home, and has nothing to complain about.

She tries to focus on others in the world and regularly makes herself move the focus away from her own troubles.

Olivia has always been vocal about breast cancer awareness. As a matter of fact, she is such a fierce advocate for awareness of this condition that in Melbourne, Australia, a cancer center has been named after her.

Quite literally, it is known as the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre.

Her vocal advocacy on the matter is helping to raise awareness for breast cancer all around the world.

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