Crowd Goes Wild As The Music Starts And Skaters Line Up In Perfect Formation

A group of skaters lined up on the ice for a performance that would stun the audience.

Figure Skating has been a part of the Olympics since 1924, and every year seems to bring more personality and surprises from the skaters.

There are a few moments that stand out, such as when Nancy Kerrigan was injured by Tonya Harding.

The performance that this group delivers is memorable as well.

It’s an artistic performance that showcases just how gentle you have to be on the ice and how you need to have just the right talent in order to pull off some of the movements that are seen.

Although it’s beautiful to look at, a group skating event can sometimes be riddled with mistakes. It requires confidence and skills that some skaters simply don’t have.

When a group of about 20 skaters in Canada took to the ice, they seemed to feed off of each other to deliver a routine the was uniform and fluid.

Team Canada took home the grand prize after all of the performances took place. They moved to soft music at first but then spiced things up with a little rock.

While the group skated for about seven minutes, they had the crowd on pins and needles.

When the final score was given, the crowd clapped and cheered because the routine was almost flawless.

From skating circles around each other to twirling and throwing their hands in the air, all of the skaters looked like mirror images of each other.

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