For the very first time ever, a nine-year-old boy has his hair cut. How does he look right now?

It took Reilly till he was 9 years old before he trimmed his hair for the first time. His hair reached a length of nearly half a meter during the course of his life.

He simply preferred having long hair, as the boy’s mother stated. Reilly took inspiration from football player Gareth Bale, who has long hair.

His parents didn’t convince him to get a haircut, so he didn’t. He made this choice for himself at the age of 9, despite his great concern.

By the way, he gave the tail’s amputation to a facility that creates wigs for cancer patients’ children.

As Reilly later acknowledged, the TV show for sick kids played a decisive role in determining the style of his haircut. He had made up his mind to give his hair to a worthy cause. The son’s act moved his parents greatly, and they are quite proud of him.

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