Meat Loaf once came forward to offer support to Adele after she suffered the same vocal cord injury as him.

Meat Loaf once sent Adele a message of encouragement after the singer injured her vocal cords in 2012 and required surgery.

The death of the singer and actor, whose real name was Michael Lee Aday, at the age of 74 was announced Thursday evening. Known for his hit album Bat Out of Hell and for his appearances in films such as Fight Club and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, he died surrounded by his family on Thursday, according to a statement on his Facebook page. Night.

Meat Loaf told the Daily Mail in 2012 that he had sent a message of encouragement to Adele regarding an injury that both of them had suffered, a vocal-cord hemorrhage. In 2011, the “Rolling in the Deep” singer had surgery to remove a hemorrhaging polyp on her vocal cord, CBS News reported.

“My problems were similar to Adele’s,” Meat Loaf told the Daily Mail. “I actually sent her a message saying that every singer understood what she was going through.”

Adele’s 2011 surgery was successful, but in 2017 the singer had to cancel the final two shows of her tour at Wembley Stadium in London as the result of a vocal-cord injury.

Meat Loaf suffered from a similar injury, telling the Daily Mail that he had rebuffed doctors who had cautioned him about performing during an 2011 Australia tour due to the injury. In 2015, he told Billboard that he had done the tour with a hemorrhaging vocal cord and was “spitting blood every night on stage.”

Still, Meat Loaf finished the tour and completed his 2011 album “Hell in a Handbasket” on the road, which was released first in Australia and New Zealand and later released globally in 2012.

At the time of his death, he had a television show and new music in the works, Insider reported. The singer was working on a relationship reality-competition show named after his single “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That),” as well as a four-song EP.

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