After Dental Surgery, Man Turns To Tape To ‘Keep His Head On’

After being at the dentist for the better part of the day, Bart wanted to go home and rest.

His pain medication still had hold of him, and he felt out of the ordinary.

Some pain medications can make you hallucinate or put you in a position of being extremely goofy while others watch what you’re doing.

Even though Bart is a larger man, he shows that he needs someone to take care of him when he’s not feeling well.

Bart tries to relax in his bed until his wife comes into the bedroom.

Bart was cuddling a roll of tape when he went to bed, and she wanted to make sure it was still there.

When she pulls the blanket back from his face, she sees the tape right there beside him.

Bart needed to have the tape with him in case his head fell off, which is what he thought would happen when he went to bed.

She made sure that he was alright and even laughed a little at the situation.

She knew that the medications were strong for him to seek comfort from a roll of tape instead of his wife.

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