Nothing Phone’s (2) Premium Chipset Is Appropriate


The debut of the Nothing Phone (1) wasn’t exactly successful. It was awkwardly hyped up, with the knowledge that it might be a mid-range phone, and then there was the abrupt “Oh by the way, sorry, US folks!” reveal. In the end, we received a device that resembled an iPhone but had a somewhat distinctive lighting system on the back, a clean Android design, and a reasonable price with little else to excite us.

If anything, the release of the Phone (1) made us worry if the upstart tech company would truly go for it with a follow-up product rather than pleading for more from them. Nothing has at least made the proper statements over the past few weeks about not only providing the world a premium phone, but also about being prepared to join the US market.

Nobody affirmed today at MWC that their Phone (2) will have a Snapdragon 8 Series CPU. They did not specify the generation of an 8 Series chipset (Gen 1 or Gen 2), but as long as we are discussing a Qualcomm chip, it should deliver adequate power.

And yes, we would be intrigued if Nobody could produce a phone with a premium chip and US carrier support. We appreciate their software strategy, the internal software assistance provided by the former OxygenOS team, and their.Things are about to get incredibly annoying in the hype department surrounding this Phone (2), but try to stick with us as we follow the story. We need a new phone option and this is about all that we’ve got.

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