Who Makes a Phone Today if I Purchase One?


An opinion I had concerning the status of Android devices and how many of you appeared uninterested in any handset not made by Samsung was conveyed around a year ago. The article, titled “You Dislike Every Phone Unless Samsung Makes It,” listed all the issues that other phone manufacturers still face and explained how these issues are largely to blame for our current situation, where Samsung continues to release incredible phones while other phone manufacturers struggle to compete.

The article’s headline may have appeared to be critical of Samsung, but it was actually a list of the reasons why OnePlus, Motorola, and Google Pixel phones are either ignored or abruptly discontinued.It’s time to revisit this subject as we sail further into 2023. And the reason we’re doing it is because Google’s Pixel 7 line won our award for phone of the year to end 2022, Samsung just released the Galaxy S23 line, OnePlus just released the OnePlus 11, and OnePlus just debuted the OnePlus 11. The other reason, in my opinion, is that the Pixel 7 was (and I believe still is) mostly adored from the moment it launched, and even the OnePlus 11 received positive reviews from the majority of reviewers, unlike Samsung’s launch, which appears snoozier than normal.

Is this the beginning of a shift or am I intoxicated? If someone were to ask me today which phone to purchase.Where are you now, then? Who makes the phone if you were to purchase one? Is Samsung still our go-to option almost often, or has Google finally cracked the code with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro? With the OnePlus 11, did OnePlus reclaim your heart? Are you anticipating a Nothing Phone (2) with a genuine premium chipset in the future?

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