Doctors Tell Mom Her Baby Passed. When They Try To Save Mom’s Life, Unbelievable…

This was news no parent or mother ever wants to hear about their newborn child: Jocelyn Robinson was informed by doctors that her baby has no heartbeat. That sort of news will devastate any mom. When Jocelyn went to Mt. Sinai Hospital, she was in the middle of some major and severe complications. Doctors ran an ultrasound, and it seemed the baby has passed away…

“I had to sort of be very honest with her and say: we don’t have a heartbeat,” said Dr. Sampson. She even called in a second doctor.
“Another doctor came in and said, ‘I’m sorry, your baby passed. We can’t find the heartbeat,’” said Jocelyn.

“When they told me he passed away… I just started crying,” said father, Ignacio Guzman. Doctors then began to focus on saving Jocelyn, who was severely bleeding. Her placenta had blocked her cervix, a condition known as placenta previa. But what happened next is what doctors are calling a Thanksgiving miracle birth.

Dr. Sampson heard the tiny baby boy gasp. Then she heard it again. The doctor quickly alerted the nurses who made sure he was OK. Born 4 pounds, 13 ounces, Noah turned out to be a miraculously healthy baby boy.

“I [will] never forget this day… Thanksgiving Day, and my baby is born,” said the baby’s father, Ignacio Guzman.
“It’s a miracle — you can’t say anything other than that,” said Dr. Sampson.

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