911 Operator Saves Teen After Recognizing Pattern Of “Random Tapping” Is A Plea For Help

Angie Rivera, a 12 year veteran 911 operator, saved a teen’s life when she recognized a pattern in what first sounded like random tapping noises.

The caller was a 15-year-old girl named Doyin who was alone when a group of thieves broke into her home. The terrified teen hid as she dialed 911, but the intruders were so close she couldn’t even risk a whisper. Instead she managed to signal Rivera with a series of taps.

Realizing what was happening, Rivera spoke in hushed tones and created a way of simple communication by having Doyin answer yes or no questions with a series of taps.

Rivera stayed on the line with Doyin until police officers arrived on the scene and found the frightened teenager hidden in a closet.

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