Mom Cradles 2-Year-Old As Life Leaves The Little Girl’s Body, Then She Learns The Truth About Her Death

When a two-year-old started to seem a bit off, one mom didn’t think much about them. She had been a healthy and happy little girl all her life. However, things took a turn for the worst, and the little girl passed away from undiagnosed diabetes, and now the mom from Missouri has a message to all parents of young children who think their little ones are healthy.

Sierra Greenlee comes from Kansas City, Missouri and has opened up on social media about the death of her beloved two-year-old daughter, who died from an undiagnosed case of type-1 diabetes.


Sierra shared photos of her adorable baby girl and shared her grief at having just lost her from the undiagnosed medical condition. The photos show Arya Greenlee smiling and simply being a cute toddler.

In the post, Sierra wrote about how the toddler had spent a week with her father. When it was time for mom to pick her back up again, the babysitter told her that the little girl had laid down for a nap. When Sierra went in to get her daughter, she found Arya not breathing. This was on March 22.

“I put my hand on her little chest, and I felt no movement. At that moment I completely freaked out. I couldn’t finish a thought. I knew I needed to get her back inside and start CPR. I was so mad and terrified,” the grieving mother wrote on Facebook.


When paramedics arrived, Sierra watched as they worked to get the little girl’s “limp” body breathing. They did not stop for about fifteen minutes straight and eventually rushed her to the nearest hospital.

“It was the most surreal moment in my life. I thought of what it would be like to plan my child’s funeral and all the things I would miss out on.”

In the back of Sierra’s mind, she kept holding onto the hope that Arya would pull through and make it. That’s why when the doctors came and told her that “we did everything we could, but unfortunately we were unable to revive her and she did not survive,” Sierra lost it and started to try.

“That one little sentence devastated my entire being,” the mother wrote. She wrote about how her little girl was everything to her.


“I was an empty shell,” she wrote after receiving the news. “The shock was overwhelming.”

Upon further testing, it became clear that Arya was a type-1 diabetic. It had never been diagnosed because doctors “don’t typically test until (kids) are school age and show signs.”

Sierra was confused when she learned about her little girl’s cause of death. But it made sense why Arya fell into a coma, “and her little body was unable to fight its way out, and it gave out.”


Now Sierra hopes to inspire other parents to watch out for the signs of type-1 diabetes and other conditions in young children and toddlers.

“So I beg you to ask your child’s doctor to test for it,” she pleads. “I beg you to become aware of the signs and symptoms of childhood diabetes. I beg you to share this post and story with everyone because no parent should ever have to hear the words ‘I’m sorry, but unfortunately she did not survive.’”

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