Country duos Will Forte and Kristen Wiig, Clancy and Jackie reunite after 12 years of sabbatical

Will Forte was expected to reprise his role as a host on a late-night show as McGruber, one of his most famous Saturday Night Live characters, but he also brought back lesser-known skits from program time.

Forte brought country duo Clancy T. Bahleratt and Jackie Snad along with former SNL co-star Kristen Wiig and current MacGruber co-star Peacock.

This character originally appeared in a 2009 episode of NBC’s SNL, aired by music producer Kirby Spabblespoove to promote an Easter album of country music songs about spaceships, toddlers, Model Ts, and beer cans, and was played by episode host Seth Rogan.

Now with new producer Jevner Kiblerelv (Kenan Thompson) Clancy and Jackie are back with a new album “after a 12 year sabbatical”. “The four things they know best: spaceships, babies, Model T cars and beer cans.”

See the reunion video above and the original parody below.

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