Kristin Smart’s Mother Testifies Against Man, Father Charged With Her Murder

Mom of Kristin Smart required the are in position to give emotional testimony as the trial from the two men accused in her own situation started again.

“I felt such as the existence of [my] daughter was of no value to anybody but her family,” her mother Denise Smart testified through tears on Thursday, while discussing her interactions with investigators in the last twenty five years, KEYT reports.

Monterey County Superior Court spokesperson Norma Ramirez-Zapata confirmed to that the trial against Paul Flores, 45, and the father Ruben Flores, 81, had re-began on Thursday. Opening statements started on Monday but, by Tuesday morning, Ramirez-Zapata mentioned the trial was pressed until Thursday to have an “unexpected health concern.”

Paul Flores is charged with killing Kristin Smart, a 19-year-old California Polytechnic Condition College newcomer, throughout an attempted rape in the dorm room on May 25, 1996, after he walked Smart home from your off-campus party. Ruben Flores is charged with helping his boy get rid of Smart’s remains, that have never been found. Prosecutors believe Ruben Flores helped bury Smart outside of his Arroyo Grande home before later digging her remains as much as move them to a higher.

During Monday’s opening statements, San Luis Obispo County Deputy Da Chris Peuvrelle had mentioned that Smart’s parents, Stan and Denise Smart, and her brothers and sisters, Matt and Lindsey Smart, would testify concerning the weekend she disappeared, based on the San Luis Obispo Tribune. The family’s spokesperson John Segale confirmed to via email on Thursday that “people from the family happen to be subpoenaed through the defense” too.

D.A. Peuvrelle told the jury much more about Ruben Flores throughout his opening statement.

“Even though the whole community banded together to look for Kristin anxiously, Paul and Ruben Flores didn’t participate in,” he told the jury, based on Fox News. “You’ll hear Ruben Flores would tear lower missing posters of Kristin — tore lower her smiling, beautiful face — known as her a ‘dirty slut,’ all while her corpse was decomposing underneath his deck.”

Meanwhile, Harold Mesick, Ruben Flores’ attorney, maintained that’s client is “absolutely innocent” and the man is billed based on “no evidence.”

“This is an excellent man. This is an excellent father, this is an excellent husband,” he stated. “My client is completely innocent. Don’t be misled, be suspicious. In the finish during the day, Kristin Smart is going to be missing so we have no idea where she’s.”

After opening statements for Ruben Flores’ jury ended on Thursday ⁠— individuals in the son’s situation have been finished on Monday ⁠—  Denise Smart required towards the stand.

Denise told the D.A. that her daughter wasn’t happy in the school, noting it “wasn’t a healthy on her,” KEYT reports.

The trial is anticipated to last through October.

Smart was declared legally dead in 2002. Both Flores men were arrested in April 2021.

Paul Flores happens to be the important thing suspect within the disappearance of Smart, because he was the final person seen together with her alive the night time she disappeared.

Prosecutors have formerly alleged in the court documents that “dozens of ladies have recounted Paul Flores’ sexual assaults and predatory behavior that document his twenty five years like a serial rapist.” This past year, La District Attorney’s Office released reports that demonstrated investigators eyed him this year when his DNA profile allegedly matched an example collected from the Los Angeles lady who had been sexually assaulted in 2007.

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