3 School Boys Rape A Dog While On A Hunting Trip

Little boys are known for getting into trouble. Even some little girls can find themselves in hot water!

A disturbing story out of Pretoria, South Africa, about three boys who have admitted to raping a dog.

The school aged boys had reportedly gotten the neighbor’s dog to go hunting.

The three boys apparently raped the dog during this trip. They bragged about it at school, and another student reported them.

When questioned, the boys admitted to raping the dog. The veterinarian examined the dog.

If you look at the dog, you can see that there is more wrong than the fact that three boys reportedly raped him.

Hopefully, someone else noticed that the poor creature is just skin and bones.

Perhaps an investigation into the dog’s owner is warranted.

Take a look at this poor darling

dog raped
Image Credit: N/A

A spokesperson for the SPCA, Michael Motloung, said the boys have all been charged with animal cruelty.

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