What are Persuasion Skills? 7 ways to change your life

Most of the gadgets around you and the tools you use are based on your persuasion skills. With the knowledge you need, it’s easy to tell if you’re using a tool or if a tool is using you.
‘s persuasion skills can influence your pre-determined behavior in a variety of situations, which can help your health and independent living. On the other hand, it can also be dangerous to exploit you and waste your time and attention.

What is the art of persuasion and how can it change your life?

What is the art of persuasion? Persuasion skills are those designed to change attitudes or behaviors and motivate you to do things you wouldn’t intentionally do. Mainly used in sales, politics, education, administration, public health, etc. How the Persuasion Technique Works

Technology advances at the speed of light, but the way our brains function remains largely the same as for centuries. These types of tech experts study our reactions to different situations, figure out what others like us are doing and what affects us, and then create algorithms based on that.

These algorithms cause the designed tool to do what it is designed to do with respect to psychological triggers such as anger, fear, and helplessness.

The human brain, for example, has a duty to keep us safe. The vibration of a flashing notification on your phone acts as a stimulus, prompting your brain to take action by mimicking the natural response of a danger signal. According to Dr.

Sanam Hafiz, when you receive a notification on your cell phone, “the brain is overworked, causing anxiety and stress, at least excessive vigilance. It’s not the phone, it’s to protect you from predators.”

This is how the Persuasion Skills tool uses psychological triggers to persuade you to change behavior and behave in a certain way.

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