4 reasons not to plan a trip in 2022

The world of usual travel has become chaotic and nearly impossible to navigate during an epidemic. Still, a State Of Travel study found that 88% of people over 50 are tired of being at home and are planning to travel in 2022. We love this news! However, due to ever-changing travel regulations and varying testing and vaccination requirements, don’t plan your trip alone this year. Hiring a travel consultant to help with the planning and booking process is more important than ever. Travel consultants are experts in meeting your latest requirements and finding the best deals, and are your personal travel concierge. We’ve partnered with travel consultants Cary Skerritt and Bill Sharo at Dream Vacations to help our readers book the perfect vacation and when things go wrong. Here are the top reasons not to book a trip in 2022:

1. Daily Changes to Global COVID Rules
Many international borders are open to travelers, but protocols and requirements are changing every day as the world rides the COVID-19 roller coaster. Confusion is not limited to international travel. As micron mutations increase, all regions of the United States have introduced different levels of restrictions. Cruising is its own animal, and trying to monitor both the cruise lines and each port`s latest rules can become a frustrating fulltime job.

Adding in the fact that the WHO, CDC, and each state or country`s government seem to make contradictory announcements, it`s tough to have a clear path to travel.
Luckily for your wanderlust, monitoring these daily changes is the fulltime job of travel advisors. They guide you through the latest protocols and requirements of your chosen destination and ensure you`re wellprepared prior to your trip.

2. You`ll Likely Paying More For Hotels, Tours, And Excursions
Many hotels and cruise lines offer unadvertised group rates for travelers, but the average person doesn`t have access to them. Furthermore, many hotels and excursions offer promotions based on the traveler`s age, occupation, state of residency, et cetera. Thanks to the incredible preferredsupplier relationships developed over decades, travel advisors have access to book these group deals. On top of that, they are experts at combining all eligible promotions in order to give you the best price available. They can also book exclusive land and shore excursions that the average cruiser would never be able to find on their own.

3. You may miss the discount after booking.
Speaking of cruises, cruise lines regularly update their prices and promotions, especially during wave season. Many may think of it as being fixed at the reservation price, even if it drops later. However, travel advisors track these fluctuations and immediately rebook the trip when the price drops. Who doesn’t want the happy surprise of a trip that costs less than planned?

4. You`ll Likely Lose Time And Money Before And During Your Vacation
Booking your trip through a travel advisor will give you the ultimate peace of mind. If you`re anxious to finally take your big bucket list trip abroad, don`t assume you can rely on familiarities available in the United States.

Travel advisors also help you make the most of your time. Who wants to wait in line at the Vatican or Colosseum? They know how to do it and how much it will cost, saving you time and money. Which hotel has a view of the Eiffel Tower? They know what to order. Even in ‘ordinary’ years, it’s easy to forget the details you need for a stress-free vacation, such as booking a hotel before your cruise or securing safe transportation. Skip the
study time. Travel consultants get to know you and your travel needs at a personal level. Our partners Carey and Bill are proud to take care of every detail and provide you with the carefree vacation of your dreams.

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