Toddler Desperately Attempts To Unlock Daddy’s IPad Tablet But The IPad Ends Up Being Locked For 48 Years!

Ah the wonderful joy of having children. Nothing brings more joy to a couples life than the magic of bringing your own children into the world. While it truly is one of the greatest feelings in the world it can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. These curious little critters are like sponges absorbing everything in anything around them.

In today’s technology centric world, it would only be natural for kids to be super curious about these strange beeping devices that mommy and daddy seem to be looking at all day. Science has been advancing and evolving at such a rapid pace but the yound kids seem to be keeping pace and evolving with this constantly changing world.

This brings us to today’s story featuring a father named Evan Osnos. One morning he had been busy doing stuff around the house, when he realized he needed to look something up on his ipad. He looked around unaware that his toddler was busy trying to hack his pass code and gain access to the tablet!

By the time dad got to his ipad, the damage had already been done! He pressed on the power button, looked at the screen and at first thought he must be hallucinating. His background was illuminating from the phone, but a lock symbol stated that his phone would be locked for the next 25,536,442 minutes (approximately 48 years). He had no idea what to do and began trying to figure out how he would regain access after his adorable yet mischefious child had put him in quite the pickle!

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