Girl’s Face Was Attacked and Devoured By A Raccoon! But After 13 Years Her 1 Dream Finally Comes True!

Life is tough, there just is no way around this fact that all of us has human’s face everyday. It doesn’t matter where you are from, who you are or where you are headed, we all face different trials and tribulations that most people don’t know about. So it is very important, to always be kind to people because you truly never know what they are dealing with underneath that smile they flash you during the day.

Even if you come from a good family, always know you have a warm meal coming and a roof over your head you never know when life can just flip on you over night. Everything could be absolutely amazing and then literally within hours, things can take a turn for the worse that can permanently change the trajectory of your life forever.

This brings us to today’s story which features a very brave young girl named Charlotte. When was an infant at the young age of 3 months old, she had been peacefully sleeping in her crib at her home. At the time, she was living with her parents and her big brother Marshall. Charlotte’s parents had a pet raccoon at the time. According to the initial story, Charlotte had a bottle of milk in her crib that evening and the pet raccoon must have gotten a whiff of it.

The animal somehow got into her room, climbed into her crib and then must’ve viewed the infant as a potential threat to him attaining his milk. This is where things take a turn for the worst, so you may want to sit down for this part of the story. The raccoon climbed in her crib and basically ate her entire face so that he could get the baby milk.

Baby Charlotte was only 3-months-old at the time so she probably didn’t have a clue of the horror that was happening to her inside crib. The viscious animal attack left the poor baby with no ear, nose and over 3/4 of her face had been ripped to shred!

Soon after, child services removed Charlotte and her brother Marshall from her parents and that house and they were adopted by their aunt and uncle in Michigan. She had to get multiple invasive reconstruction plastic surgeries to try and fix the horrific damage the animal inflicted on her. Even with all the surgeries her face is still very scarred and she is still missing most of her ear. Luckily a great surgeon was able to reconstruct her nose, but life has been anything but easy for her.

No matter how much surgery is done, the remnants of the terrible animal attack in her crib will most likely leave her scarred and disfigured for her life. Charlotte is brave, tough and has always dreamed of getting earrings but she was never able to, because of the loss of her ear….

Watch the video below to hear her full story and if her most recent ear surgery was a success:

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