This mother made breakfast for her children, killing them because of a mistake we all make

There is nothing like a good home meal, and when mom or dad cook it and watch their kids eat with pleasure – there is no better feeling than this. But sometimes things don’t go as planned, as what happened to a poor mother in Mexico.

Josefina, a mother of two, woke up early one morning and went to the grocery store to buy food for breakfast. She decided to make a healthy meal for her children, 8-year-old Augustine, and 6-year-old Maria, so they would not have to eat an unhealthy meal at school. She made them a tortilla with eggs, and orange juice, and breakfast was ready to be served.

Both children woke up and took a shower before breakfast. Josephina followed her grandmother’s rules – not sitting down to eat before washing her hands. Josephina set the table when Maria came downstairs and said, “Mom, Augustine is not getting out of the bathroom, and I need to come in”. “Augustine!” Josephina shouted, “Stop playing and get out”. The boy came out and his sister went inside.

Her mother asked her to hurry sp they can have breakfast on time. At the same time, Josephina received a text message from her husband, it took her time to answer while Maria was in the shower. After she finished responding to the message, Josephina called Maria again. Her husband was still sending messages, and she was able to answer them all. They ate well and were ready for school at 7:45 AM. They arrived on time, and Josephina came back home. But two hours later she received shocking news.

She received a text message stating that her children were on their way to the hospital. She froze in place – what happened to them she wondered? Everything was fine just two hours ago. She called her husband and they rushed to the hospital. Doctors told them the children were in poor condition – their fever was very high and not going down, and the cause was probably a bacterium called Salmonella. This bacterium is found in many foods, and it now damages the children’s organs. Josephina was shocked – she couldn’t believe what was happening. She passed out and was hospitalized as well, and her husband didn’t stop praying.

After several tests, the doctors concluded that the bacterium was at the breakfast that Josephina had prepared for them. After talking to the doctors, they discovered that Josephina was using her cellphone while preparing the meal, and that was probably the cause. Our cellphone is covered with thousands of bacteria that can reach our food and cause a fatal outcome, like this one.

It totally broke her – seeing the kids in such a difficult situation is something no parent should ever experience. She sat by their beds and asked for forgiveness again and again. At that moment, Maria’s hand opened and she passed away. Not long after, Augustine died also. The mother didn’t stop crying and hugging her children, but they were no longer alive. The doctors did everything they could, but couldn’t save the children.

Now Josephina is using her traumatic experience to warn everyone – never use your cellphone when preparing food. This can lead to infections and fatal consequences. To Josephina’s regret, it was already too late for her, but she hopes her terrible personal experience will save others in the future.

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