The length of your fingers reveals your true personality – what does yours say?

There are many things we have to thank our hands for.

We use them to have a cup of coffee in the morning, eat an afternoon snack and to switch channels on the TV.

But our hands are not just a useful tool to helps us fulfill our daily tasks: they also say a great deal about our personality – much more than we thought.

The length of our fingers can reveal a lot about our personality – and it’s very fascinating to read what this study has revealed.

Which of the illustrations below most closely resembles your palms? Keep reading and find out if this personality test is accurate for you!

Hand C

If your index finger and ring finger are the same length, it means you are considerate and calm people. People around you trust you when they need someone to talk to – and will even tell you secrets they would not reveal to anyone else. You know how to listen and choose your words carefully before you open your mouth.

Hand B

If your index finger is longer than the ring finger, then you were probably born to lead. You like to be in control and solve problems, and you always think with a clear mind. You are full of self-confidence and also enjoy being alone, but you also love that people notice you.

Hand A

If your ring finger is longer than the index finger, then you have quite a few fans. You are full of grace and charm, love talking to new people and have high self-confidence and self-esteem. You really like to try new things, and never refuse a challenge or a new adventure.

The test revealed much more about me than I dared to think. Was it the same with you as well?

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