A 51-year-old mother became pregnant with her first granddaughter after her daughter could not get pregnant

Breanna Lockwood, 29, and her husband Aron are expecting their first home birth in November. And when their baby is born, Breanna’s 51-year-old mother, Julie Loving, will be the one to give birth to her.

The little girl will be the biological daughter of Breanna and Aron. Loving will be their surrogate.

“My mother is pregnant with her granddaughter”

Very shortly after Breanna and Aron got married in 2016 they tried to get pregnant. After failing, they turned to a fertility specialist.

The couple underwent several rounds of fertility treatments, surgeries, and abortions, before Breanna’s doctor suggested she go for surrogacy.

“My fertility problem was the hardest thing I ever had to go through”, Breanna said. “When you have a plan for life and then something like infertility disrupts it all, I felt like I could no longer see what I had imagined, that everything was taken away from me”.

Breanna, who lived in Chicago, was not the one who asked her mother to serve as a surrogate, it was her mother’s idea.

“I ran 19 marathons and did many triathlons in my life”, Loving said. “I felt I could do it healthily, and my previous pregnancies were very easy”.

Loving suggested the idea to Breanna after she had an abortion with twins, and the 29-year-old did not flow with the idea.

Only when Loving went with Breanna to the doctor did she and the doctor begin to believe that Loving could be the surrogate.

After the meeting Loving began meeting with experts to see if she would be able to be the surrogate.

After years of disappointments and countless treatments, in February the fertilized eggs were returned to Loving.

They waited in anticipation to hear if the eggs had been absorbed and Loving was pregnant.

“Even when we got a positive result we still did not jump for joy because we had so many disappointments and trauma before”, Breanna said. “Now that the pregnancy is half over we are starting to get excited”.

Because the positive answer was received a week before the restrictions went into effect because of the coronavirus pandemic, Loving took time off from her job at the grocery store.

Breanna came to most of her mother’s tests, even though she said that to some of them she realy had to beg her mother to let her come with her, and since Aron is not allowed to come to the tests, they documented everything on the phone.

Loving, whose estimated date for giving birth was Nov. 12, said the family plans to tell her granddaughter her unique story when she is young, but old enough to understand.

“The biggest supporter of my life gives us the biggest blessing. My beautiful mother is pregnant with her first granddaughter, and with me and Aron’s biological daughter, as our surrogate mother”, Breanna wrote on Instagram.

Congratulations! What an honor for Julie to be pregnant with her granddaughter, and what a special moment for Breanna to have a mother who is willing to do such a thing for her.

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