Terrified 7-Year-Old Boy Admits This To Woman, Then She Looks At His Hands

In Maryland, once officers got to the house of this family of 8, the never in a million years expected to find the scary scene that they came across inside one of the bedrooms. As they started speaking to a horrified boy, he admits to what has been going on for months inside of the home. The incident gets worse as one woman looks at the 7-year-old boy’s hand.

The terrified child was just one of six kids trapped inside the Clarksburg home with their father Craig Anthoney Williams and wicked stepmother Nicole Williams. The children, ranging from age from 1 to 17 were in the home, however it was the middle child, a 7-year-old, that was the focus of the family’s sick rituals, while the others were mostly spared.

According to WJLA, it took seven months for authorities to step in and take the unnamed victim from this house of horror, even though they had been under investigation by child protective services along the way.

During that time, this child endured twisted mutilation and torture at the hands of the two adults who were supposed to love and protect him. He was finally removed from the home and taken to Shady Grove Hospital on December 2, when he began to succumb to the abuse and was suspected to be going into a seizure.

As hospital personnel evaluated the child, they found multiple abrasions, blisters, and bruises covering every inch of his body. When asked about how they happened, he told investigators that he had been bound up with industrial-strength plastic wrap from his neck to his knees and that he had been beaten on a regular basis. A nurse noticed something unusual about the boys hands.

The couple would lock the bound boy in a room all day, only letting him out on rare occasion to eat, but more regularly to inflict a cruel and unusual punishment on him. With unexplained welts and blisters, the nurse asked what they were from. The child said that his father would restrain his hands with zip ties and hold them in a pot of boiling water, the charging documents noted.

Craig and his sadistic new wife were arrested and charged with first-degree child abuse, before a judge seemed to take some pity on these two and eased up on their bond amount, sending them both back out into the free world. They were originally being held at high bails of $300,000 and $400,000, but evidently, the judge felt like that was more than they would be able to post to get out of jail, so he dropped them both to just $10,000. Hours later, they were sent home, where they now await their court date.

The boy’s dad and stepmom admitted to the sordid details about what they did to the boy. It had been going on for seven months, so there should be no reason to ease any jail time or bond amount for them. At just 7-years-old, the victim told authorities that he doesn’t want to live. He will likely suffer a mental prison for life, because of the irreversible emotional damage these two did to him. He didn’t get a break on any of this and won’t be able to escape it, so his abusers shouldn’t either.

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