Missouri man, 62, mauled to death by pit bulls: body unrecognizable

Dennis Moore St Louis Missouri man mauled to death by pit bulls. Body found in back alley following second attack on 92 year old man who survived.

A 62 year old St. Louis, Missouri man was found lifeless in a back alley following a suspected pit bull attack over the weekend in which he was ‘essentially eaten alive.’

‘The dogs ate him up to the point where his body was decayed,’ Melvina Moore the victim’s wife told KSDK. ‘They can’t show me his body.’

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department believe Dennis Moore was killed sometime between 11:30 p.m. Saturday, July 10 and 6:30 a.m. Sunday, according to an incident report. He was found with ‘significant bodily wounds.’

Moore according to his wife was a retired landscaper known for helping the elderly cut their grass.

The husband was found in an alley in the 4800 block of San Francisco Avenue, about two blocks from his home, according to KSDK. Investigators who canvassed the area found a second victim — a 92-year-old man — ‘suffering from significant bites from several dogs attacking him in the alley.’

What led to vicious dog attacks?

Moore was taken to a hospital for treatment. Animal Control went on to seize three dogs suspected of being involved in the attacks, police said. The dogs, described by police as pit bulls, matched descriptions of ‘several dog bites in the area.’

Neighbor, Michael Lewis told KMOV 4 he has seen several dogs, owned by someone nearby, roaming the area. He said he avoids the alley when with his own dog.

‘My dog is right around about 90 pounds,’ he told KMOV. ‘I know he ain’t going to have no problem with one of them, but I ain’t going to let him fight … six.’

Police have not determined what led to the attacks. Animal Control and the medical examiner’s office are continuing to investigate, authorities said. The 62-year-old man’s body will undergo an autopsy to determine his official cause of death.

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